I’ve just learned, from the impeccable web sources Hotfoot and Metsblog, that a sign has been seen at Shea that indicates that the name of the new stadium is to be “Citifield.”  As soon as I learned this, I had my doubts.  “No Way!”  I thought,  “I’m not calling it that!  I’ll cut my tongue off first!” 

I’ve calmed down.  A big part of me still can’t accept the fact that Shea is coming down.      But I realize that, since it is, and since you knew that they were going to take a corporate name, we’ve probably dodged a bullet.  Just think of what they could have called our stadium.

What are the stages of mourning again?  I think I’m in the resignation part.  Not the acceptance part yet.  Citifield is at least innocuous.  It could have been Citibank Park.  Citifield is better.  It will, you have to admit, be easy for our adversaries to call it “Shittifield.”  But what can you do?   They think that calling the Mets the “Mutts” is funny.  Let them have their fun.

We all at least like the idea of “city.”  “City” is good.  “Citi” is cute and annoying.  But, as I said, it could be worse.  They weren’t going to call it Bob Murphy stadium.  Or Doris from Rego Park stadium.  That’s not the way things work. 

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