‘Tis the Offseason


I was in Newport, Rhode Island a couple of weeks ago and my wife and daughter and I went into a shop that sells holiday decorations.  There’s a tree in this shop that is decorated only with sports ornaments.  We go into this shop every year and last year and the year before and the year before that the tree was filled with Yankees and Red Sox ornaments.  (Newport is in Red Sox country but it gets a lot of tourism from the New York area).  There were no Mets ornaments.  None at all.  Well, this year there were just as many Mets ornaments as Red Sox and Yankees ornaments.  It is in very subtle things like this that one can observe the renewal of the team’s popularity. 

Now what I’d like to see are some ornaments that aren’t also available in the same exact design for the Colorado Rockies and the Kansas City Royals.  Has anyone run across any creative or interesting holiday decorations that capture something about the Mets that is unique?  Shouldn’t there be a series of ornaments (collectible!) with the Home Run Apple, Cow Bell man, Mr. Met, Endy Chavez with his arm bending back over a fence at an impossible angle, Jose Reyes with his uniform all dirty, David Wright with a little plastic bottle of champagne and a cigar in his mouth, etc.  You get the idea.  What is it with the world?  How hard is this to figure out?


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