Best Mets Seasons at Each Position

Two of the best Mets blogs, MetsBlog and Hotfoot, have recently been making all-time Mets lists.  Great idea for hot stove!  Much better than making lists of still-available free-agent pitchers with losing records and E.R.A.s above 4.50!  Here’s my list for the best Mets seasons ever at each position.  What do you think?  Am I shortchanging anyone?

Best Mets Seasons Ever at Each Position:

1B –Olerud, 1998
2B – Alfonzo, 2000
SS -  Reyes, 2006
3B – Wright, 2006
LF – Jones, 1969
CF – Beltran, 2006
RF – Strawberry, 1987
C – Piazza, 2000
RHP – Gooden, 1985
LHP – Koosman, 1976
RH reliever – Lockwood, 1976
LH reliever – Orosco, 1983

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