Your Season Has Come?

The Mets have come up with our slogan for the year. 

Your Season Has Come.  No.

Come?  In the sense of having arrived?  That makes it sound like something a butler announces.  Who’s announcing this?  The team?  To whom?  To us?  Are they like telling us that our season has now arrived?  What were those other seasons all about?  Were they not our seasons?  Were they someone else’s seasons?  Were they their seasons?  What makes this one ours? 

There’s a fake grandeur to this.  Like, here it is, you fans you, on this platter.  We bring this to you.  You be happy.  Oh Mets, this one is for us?  Oh, you shouldn’t have!  Now you bring us this.  Why not before?  Was it waiting here for us, all along, waiting for us to get to 2007, so it could come to us?  Here it comes.    

Here comes our season. 

Come is not good in a slogan.  It’s too easy to think something inappropriate.  It’s too easy to make a joke.  Don’t make it too easy for Yankees fans.

Is it too late to come back to the drawing board? 



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