Tomorrow is Opening Day

Tomorrow is Opening Day.  I’m going to be there.  I want to get there early, to see the stadium and the season wake up.  I want to see the big thing come to life in the April chill.  It will be sunny and windy tomorrow.  The story continues.

Our team looks wonderful, but we are in second place.  We could have been 6-0, but we aren’t.  We’re in second place.  That is not a big deal.  It is not a big issue.  But tomorrow will be important.  You don’t want to lose three in a row after winning four in a row.  You don’t want to give Philly hope.  But they’ll be dangerous.  They’ve started the season in humiliating fashion, especially considering the way Rollins shot his mouth off.

The last time I was at Shea, Maine was pitching.  It was the sixth game of the NLCS.  What a beautiful game that was.  It will be good to have him back.  He was the man and he will be the man.  The last pitch thrown in the stadium was Adam Wainwright’s astonishing curve ball.  You remember how it dropped.  Like your heart and your soul.  It was up and it fell.  I don’t blame Carlos Beltran.  I wouldn’t have swung at it either.  But I will always feel that pitch and know that pitch.  And you will too, if you are reading these words.

This is a historic moment for Mets fans.  This is the home opener of a season I’ll bet we’ll remember long after the big beloved stadium is dust.   Every seat will be filled.  Every throat will be open.  The future that is rising in the far end of the parking lot knows everything about what will happen this year.   But we don’t. 

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