A Million Ways to Win

I am beginning to develop a hopeful suspicion that this is a great team, not merely the very good team I thought it was when the season began.  I may eat my words of course, but I will stick my neck out here.  I am normally pretty cautious about using the word “great,” but the Mets are making me bold.  I had a sense that Reyes would continue to get better.  I had a sense that Beltran would remain as good as he was last year.  I did not expect the starting pitching to be anywhere near this good.  I am beginning to feel very good about the bullpen.  But the main thing that gives me a sense that this team is great is seeing that it has so many ways to win a ballgame.  If something is not working, something else will.  If the middle of the order is dead, the bottom of the order will hit like champions.  If Reyes and Beltran, carrying the team, have an off-night, if the first four men in the lineup are 1 for 14, Damion Easley will hit a pinch home run and Endy Chavez will lay down a dramatic drag bunt to win the game.  Green and Alou cannot possibly hit as well as they’ve hit so far.  But by the time they come down to earth, Delgado and Wright will have returned to form.  The Mets look good and feel good.  You saw how they mobbed each other when they won tonight.  There are no petty resentments and conflicts as there are on the Yankees.  There is calm and cool and enthusiasm and generous talent spread all around.

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