The Leaves Come Out on the Trees

On May 5, John Maine is not yet showing any sign that he is not going to have as good a season as Gooden had in 1985, which is the best season by a Mets pitcher ever, and, I would argue, possibly the best season of any pitcher in the last 50 years.

I love how every time Julio Franco hits a home run he sets a new record as the oldest man ever to hit a major league home run.  It is so wonderful to see someone born in the decade in which I was born, still playing major league baseball.

Jose Reyes is right now on a pace to finish the season with 253 hits, 173 runs, 116 rbis, 58 doubles, 29 triples, 12 home runs, and 104 stolen bases.  These numbers are not human.  It would be one of the best offensive seasons by anyone ever.  Plus Jose is a leadoff hitter who not only has a .361 average and a .439 OBP.  He has a slugging average of .574, higher than most of the greatest sluggers in history.  By way of comparison, Willie Mays’s lifetime slugging percentage was .557 and Mike Piazza’s is .551. 

This is all so much fun to watch.  Remember when you used to dread the West Coast road trip in May?  Remember how that was when the season’s hopes got put to bed?  I haven’t spent much of my life in Arizona, but it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite places. 


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