After Forty Games, Before the Next Three

If I were to tell you that after 40 games, Carlos Delgado would be hitting .216, David Wright would be hitting .279, Delgado would be hitting at a pace that would give him 12 home runs and 84 rbis for the year and Wright would be hitting at a pace that would give him 16 home runs and 80 rbis; if I were to tell you that the Mike Pelfrey experiment would not work out, that he would be down in New Orleans in mid-May, with a major league record of 0-5 and a 6.53 E.R.A.; if I were to tell you that the middle relief would be wildly inconsistent; and that the Mets would have been blown out of the water three times in part because of some very sloppy defensive play, would you have any expectation, any expectation at all that their record would be 26-14?  Let me answer for you.  No.

The Mets, after a brilliant first quarter, are on track to win 105 or 106 games.  Things could go wrong for them, but they could go wrong for any of the other teams too.  And an excellent case can be made that for every player on the Mets playing above his head right now, there is at least one more who is playing below his head.  This team is not just a good team.  It is a tsunami.  They can lift each other, as each of the players who batted in the ninth inning of today’s game showed us.  They are like these metal balls on strings I used to have in my room when I was a kid.  They prove that you can transfer the force of momentum. 

Like the rest of you, I want to see the statement they will be able to make in the next three games.  The players are the only ones who say that these games aren’t any different from any other games.  I would say that they were the only ones who thought this except that I don’t think they actually think this. 

Nobody thinks this.  Yankee fans certainly don’t think this.  George Steinbrenner certainly doesn’t think this.  Which of these two teams, do you think, is playing with its psychological back up against the wall?  Does that make the Yankees dangerous?  Perhaps.  What will they be dangerous with?

I can’t remember a Subway Series I have looked forward to with so much relish. 


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