Road record vs. Home record. Why?

Why are the Mets better on the road this year than at home?

I don’t actually think that there’s a reason.  It’s probably just a fluke that will correct itself.  But if there is a reason, here’s a suggestion. 

I suggest that booers make the relief pitchers nervous.  I suggest that this is also the reason why Carlos Beltran hit so much better on the road last year than he did when he was at home.  He was more relaxed on the road because of the boos he heard in 2005.

I suggest (I accuse) that some fans of the New York Mets (you know who you are) actually hurt the team by putting too much pressure on some players by booing them if they underperform.  Of course, many players can just ignore booing.  But some players can’t.  And that’s enough to hurt the team.

I’m not saying that Heilman doesn’t deserve to be booed for giving up a 3-run homer.  I’m not saying that Schoeneweis doesn’t deserve to be booed.  What I am saying is that it is counter-productive.  That is enough of a reason not to do it.
So please, let’s give them more of a break.  If they give up a lead, be sad, don’t cheer, don’t make any noise.  Cheer if they do well.

Then, maybe the Mets will start to play at home as well as they play on the road.

Save your booing for players on other teams, and for real, genuine assholes.


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