Swept Away

Look, I can’t really say anything more than what I said yesterday. Something like this will happen even in the very best of seasons.

What is freaking me out a little is this unprecedented gap between the home record and the road record. I’ll have to check this, but I don’t think the Mets ever had a season with a better record on the road than at home. It may mean something (who knows what?) but I suspect it is just a fluke. Is it possible that our relievers are more nervous in Shea stadium?

Those three home runs in a row were inspiring. Maine was absolutely fine. Bullpens are streaky. What can you say? I still think we have a better bullpen than Philadelphia and I still think we will win the division in part because of that. But I also think that Philly is a force to be reckoned with.

So now we play the Tigers, the Dodgers, the Yankees, the Twins, and the A’s? At least we’ll get a chance to rest at the end of the month by playing the World Champions! Hey, don’t they have any weak teams in the AL we could play?


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