Okay, the Mets have lost 9 out of 10. They’ve lost a commanding lead and a sense of inevitable victory in their division. They have had their injuries, they’ve been up against good teams, but they have also played badly over these past ten games. They have not been unlucky. Atlanta and Philadelphia have played well and they have earned their right to be in a pennant race with us. The Yankees have begun to play spectacularly well and we can no longer enjoy the sense we enjoyed a month ago that we were the game in town this year.

We have lost what we had. This is our darkest night since the September collapse in 2005, when we lost 14 out of 17. We are going into Yankee stadium for a three-game series.

We are still in first place.

Our good seasons have not normally been this interesting. And that’s because in our good seasons, we’ve normally had a sense of what we could depend on. This year, we’ve built our lead with great pitching and we don’t really know if we actually have a great pitching staff. What do we have? A record of 36-28. Which projects to 91-71. That’s pretty close to what most people predicted for us.

Ten games ago, I wrote a very happy post. I’m no longer happy. But I am still hopeful. Should I get all lyrical and inspirational? Sorry. I’m not in the mood. I wish I could tell you what I think is going on and what I think will happen. But I feel like I’m in quicksand. I remember how quicksand terrified me when I was a kid. But there were movies, remember, where someone actually would get pulled out, because the rope would hold. Are we going to be sucked into the earth or are we going to be able to use our feet again to walk on dry ground?

Why am I asking you? You’re as helpless as I am. But no one right now looks as helpless as the Mets. Somebody named Loney just hit a home run. The Mets are losing 9-1. I’m going to sleep.


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