They have lost 11 of their last 13 games. 

They look listless.  (Yeah, but teams look listless when they’re losing.  When you see a team in a slump, do they ever look positive and energetic?)

They’re not playing good baseball.  (You noticed?)

The pitching isn’t as good as it was.  (Uh-huh.)

Some changes may be needed.  (That’s what everyone was saying about the Yankees a couple of weeks ago.)

They may be in trouble.  (They may be indeed.  They may not be.)

The defining experience of the baseball fan is helplessness.  We are helpless. 

We are helpless when they win, but when they are winning it feels as if the heavens have opened up to shower us with good fortune, which we have not earned. 

When they are losing, it feels as if the ground has opened up to swallow us.  We haven’t earned that either.

We don’t earn anything.  We baseball fans just experience emotions about something other people are doing.

I would like the Mets to do something different now.  I’m going to the game on Tuesday.  Maybe if I cheer very loudly they will win. 

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