Book Launch Party!


I just got something from my publisher that suggests that my book will be out by the end of July.  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m 90% certain that I’m going to  have a book launch party at some point in August or September.  I checked out a venue this weekend called Mo Pitkin’s in the East Village (34 Avenue A).  One of the fans of my site and blog recommended it to me because it is a very Mets place (Mets banners over the bar, Mets memorabilia all around).  The main owners, the Hartman brothers of the Two Boots restaurants, are enormous Mets fans.  Jimmy Fallon is also a part-owner of Mo Pitkin’s, but I’m hearing that he’s a Red Sox fan now, after “Fever Pitch,” although maybe he has room in his heart for both teams.

Anyway, the place is really cool, funky, and homey, and the food has a great reputation.  So what I’m thinking is that once I know the date of publication, and choose the date for the party, I will send out invitations to everybody on my mailing list.  (It’s not too late to join, click here.)  I will also send invitations to all of the Mets bloggers I can find, because I see my book as a phenomenon connected to the whole Mets blogosphere.  I want it to be part of the way in which creative fans, through the Internet, are creating a new and dynamic Mets fan culture that is so much more interesting than what the conventional media provides us with.  I am also going to invite members of the press, who may or may not come, and some Mets-associated celebrities, who almost definitely will not come.  After you get your invitation, you need to e-mail me back if you are certain that you are going to attend.  Then I will send you an e-mail that will get you into the party (there has to be some numbers control because food will be ordered and space is not infinite).

Whoever shows up, it’s going to be a fun time.  It’ll be a chance to meet other Mets fans, “famous” bloggers and forum posters, a chance to meet me, perhaps a chance to mingle with celebrities (yeah, and perhaps Pedro pitches next week) and a chance to enjoy Mo Pitkin’s eclectic mix of Jewish, Latin, and ordinary American appetizers.   I hope lots of you will join me to celebrate the eternal creative spirit of Mets fandom, a spirit that is sweeping, well, some websites at least.  Just think of the tribute to Ralph Kiner we would have been able to get together for Saturday!   Someday, folks, we fans will rule the Mets world, and this is going to be the start of it all.  Stay tuned for more information as dates and plans become firmer. 


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