Kiner’s Korner Music and a Request for Those Going to the 7/14 Game

I know that it’s not the same arrangement as the one they played on the show, but if you remember Kiner’s Korner, this may bring tears to your eyes. 

I will be on the radio program New York Baseball Talk (WGBB1240AM; live webcast at WGBB , don’t download Chinese characters and just click Listen Live, podcast after the broadcast at Free the Fan) at 9:30 on Sunday, talking about my memories of Ralph Kiner and my impressions of the Saturday tribute.  You can help me by leaving a comment here about your impressions of the tribute to Kiner.  I will mention some comments on the air.  Also, if you get any really good pictures, please e-mail them to me at and I’ll put them up on the blog with credits.  Thank you.

Let’s hope this tribute is moving and not lame.  Ralph deserves it. 


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