Revised Website

If you go to my main website, Mets Fan Book you will notice that I re-designed it yesterday.  The reason, as you should be able to tell, is that my book is on the very verge of being released.  Yesterday, I went to the website for my book at McFarland and it said for the first time, “available for immediate shipment.”  Yesterday, for the very first time, the book was on Amazon available for pre-order.  So, at this point, while the book would not be on Amazon or in bookstores yet (I myself have not seen a copy), it is, today, available from the publisher.

I will make the announcement that the book is published as soon as I hear something official from the publisher.  In the meantime, if you click on the image below, it will take you to a site from which you can order the book “available for immediate shipment.”


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