Someone left a comment on my blog asking why I have a picture of “U-Haul Building” on my website

I’m not entirely sure what the U-Haul building is.  I know that there’s a big U-Haul sign out there with a beautiful old tower behind it.  I noticed it at my first game at Shea in 1964 and I have greeted it as an old familiar friend at every game I’ve gone to since.

I have a picture of whatever it is because it is something that people rarely mention but every Mets fan knows.  Every Mets fan has lived with the U-Haul building for as long as they have been a Mets fan. To me, it symbolizes some true, deep essence of Mets fandom. Anybody could pretend to be a Mets fan by looking up some facts and history. But you are a true Mets fan if you have spent hours of your life gazing at the U-Haul sign and the tower behind it.

I think it is very significant that Citifield is now growing to the point where it is beginning to be hard to see the U-Haul building. Once we can no longer see it, something will be gone forever. 

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