There’s not much difference

Okay, I know, I know.  My point is look how close what I wrote below came to being true.  Does the fact that it is not true mean that the Mets won’t win it, considering that you would have been prepared to believe that they would have won it if a little dribbler went foul or if a not-that-wild catcher’s throw could have at least been knocked down? 

We are living on the edge.  We will still most probably win the division.  But then, with our talent and our flaws, we will crawl onto a knife’s edge and stay there for however long we stay alive in the postseason.  We may win it all this year and we may stumble right out of the box.  Tonight could have been the turning point of the season.  Tomorrow may still be the turning point of the season.  Or there may be no turning point.  And we may just win it anyway.  Forget the story we will one day concoct to explain how what happened at the end of this season was inherent in what happened during the season.  That story isn’t true and we haven’t even made it up yet.  Anything can happen this year.  There will be no rhyme nor reason.  There will be Mets indeterminacy, as there was in 1999 and 2000, where so little different would have made such a big difference in what we would remember. 

We are all together on this edge.  Let it please this time be a threshold, and not a ledge. 


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