My Book Launch Party

The Community of Bloggers.  From L to R: Zoe Rice of PickMeUpSomeMets, Mike Steffanos of Mike’s Mets,Stefi Kaplan of YouCan’tScriptBaseball, Dana (me), Kathy Foronjy of MathematicallyAlive, Taryn Cooper of MySummerFamily, Caryn (MetsGrrl), Steve Keane of The Ed Kranepool Society

Schmoozing.  On the right, with his chin in his hand, is Mike Silva, of NY Baseball Talk on Blog Talk Radio, soon to be the host of Gotham Baseball Live on Gotham Baseball Magazine.

More of the same.  That’s Kathy Foronjy to the left of me.  The film she and Joe Coburn just made about the culture of Mets Fans, Mathematically Alive, premiers next week at the Coney Island film festival.

If anyone had told me, on my 50th birthday, that I would be celebrating my 53rd birthday with a book launch party in the East Village for a book I had written about being a fan of the New York Mets … I would have thought that they were crazy.  But it actually happened on Sunday and I had such a wonderful time. 

The turnout of fellow bloggers was particularly moving to me.  I felt like a kid in a cartoon whose imaginary friends have come to life.  Sure I knew that people I knew from the Internet really existed, but you’re never really sure, you know what I mean?   For all I knew, these people were inside the worn laptop with the F8 key missing on which I had written my book, and on which I compose my blog and my website.  It seemed that way, until yesterday. 

Everybody was so nice and so supportive.  Everybody made me feel as if I had done something worth doing.  Everybody made me feel as if we were all in this together, trying to build an alternate world of blogs, podcasts, and films about the Mets; an alternate world in which the hopes and dreams of millions and the joys and sorrows of fandom, are treated with respect.  The Mets do not exist simply to soak up fake and irritating condescension from Mike and the Mad Dog.  They are part of a family that includes the fine, generous, imaginative people I met at my party.  

I’ll go so far as to say that the most amazing thing about the New York Mets is not the inconsistent baseball franchise by that name.  It is the millions of people who continue to root for them, through years of frustration and disappointment, even though they are geographically entitled to root for the most successful of all baseball franchises.  We are stubborn.  We are millions.  We have been dangling on a precipice for over a week.  Who knows how we’ll remember this strange, awful, but maybe promising moment in Mets history?  We’ll find out soon enough.  All I know is that I will never forget my 53rd birthday.  Thank you to everyone who was there, and to everyone who was there in spirit.  

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