I Love It



“Why panic?” Ramirez said. “If we don’t do it, we’ll come back next year and try again … If it doesn’t happen, who cares? There’s always next year. It’s not the end of the world.”
TV and radio people and “let’s get everybody all worked up” sportswriters couldn’t be happier than when a ballplayer says something like this.  To them, this is the coolest thing to happen since Michael Vick.  How could he say this?  Omigosh!  Doesn’t he WANT it?  Doesn’t he know what happens when baseball players and baseball teams don’t WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH WITH THEIR WHOLE HEART AND SOUL AND THEIR BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS AND THEIR GUTS AND THEIR LIVERS AND THEIR COJONES????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what maybe happens when a player has an attitude like this?  Maybe 4 home runs and 11 runs-batted-in in 7 games.  Maybe getting on base two thirds of the time.  Maybe that happens.  Did anybody ever think of that? 

I guess not.  Well, we’ll know who’s to blame if the Red Sox don’t win the pennant this year, won’t we?  I mean who the hell does he think he is watching those home runs he hits and raising his arms?  Yeah, there’s no room on a team for somebody like that. 

So, Red Sox, if you don’t want someone on your team who is such a bad influence on the image of the sport and on the whole American can-do spirit …

There’s a 718 number I would dearly love to give you. 



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