Special Offseason Sale until Pitchers and Catchers

Until February 15, you will be able to enjoy a limited time offer:

METS FAN FOR ONLY $22 !!!!!!!!!


What you need to do is this:

Send me a check for $25 ($22 + $3 shipping).  Include a note indicating how you’d like the book inscribed (you can even just give me the name and I’ll write an inscription).  Send the check and note to me at:  Dana Brand, 5 Bradley Lane, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.

This offer will last until Pitchers and Catchers.  I’m making this offer because I know that there are people who would like to have copies of the book but may find the regular price, $29.95 to be a little high (even though it is so much less than what you’d pay to go to a game, still, I understand, books are normally cheaper than this but I had no control over the price).  Since Mets Fan sold amazingly well during the holiday season at full price, I can’t let this offer run longer than until February 15.  But if you’d like to take advantage of the offseason to get a bargain, please send me a check and I’ll get the inscribed book out to you right away.  Please be sure to include your address and phone number on the check.

Special volume discount:  If you’d like to buy 5 copies, I’ll sell them to you for $99.  Just send me a check for $104 ($99 + $5 shipping).

Happy offseason to all of us and let’s hope our patience will be amply rewarded this year.

P.S.  Check out the latest interview with me at John Strubel’s terrific new site, MetsNetwork.

P.P.S.  Please join me at 8 pm on Tuesday, January 8 for a live chat at The Happy Recap.


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