More on Winning the World Series Since 1962

My post about the idea of the “goal” of winning the World Series provoked some interesting responses and questions.  One reader asked to see a list of the number of World Series won by each major league team since 1962.  He wondered where the Mets would rank, wondering what legitimacy there might be to the idea of the Amazins as perennial underdogs, as a team that has not had its expected share of World Series success.  Here’s the list of World Series won since the Mets came into existence in 1962. 

Yankees -7
Dodgers – 4
Cardinals – 4
A’s – 4
Orioles – 3
Reds – 3
Marlins – 2
Blue Jays – 2
Mets -2
Pirates – 2
Red Sox – 2
Twins – 2
Tigers -2
White Sox – 1
Angels – 1
Diamondbacks – 1
Braves – 1
Royals – 1
Phillies – 1
11 teams with 0

By my count, 8 teams have been more successful than the Mets, as measured by the number of World Series won (I have included the Marlins and the Blue Jays, who have won two each, because they have not been in existence as long as the Mets).  4 teams have had as much success as the Mets.  17 teams have had less success, including the 11 teams that have not won a single World Series since 1962, or in the time in which they have been competing in the majors.    
Among teams that have been in existence since 1962, 6 teams have been more successful than the Mets, 4 teams have been as successful, and 9 have been less successful. 

Winning two World Series since 1962 is pretty good, if not stellar.  Please keep that in mind if you are ever encouraged to think that winning a World Series is something any team has any right to expect in a particular year.  For any team other than the Yankees, it is at most a (roughly) 5 times in a lifetime event.  On average, a fan who roots for a team for all of a long life will see his or her team win the World Series two or three times.   


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