Hillary Clinton and the 1986 Mets

This morning, I saw a picture of Hillary Clinton on the front cover of Newsday.  Above her smiling face were these words:

The Underdog?  Like ‘86 Mets, Clinton will pull it out, aides say. 

Opening the paper, I read the following by Glenn Thrush on Page 6, “A few hours after the polls closed, a Clinton staffer e-mailed a friend an Oct.26, 1986 New York Times story of the World Series Game 6 win over the Red Sox, with the subject line: “Deja vu.”" (Read the whole story here.)

Okay.  I love sports metaphors.  Let’s see what we can do with this.  Here are:


1)  They’re both wide awake and ready for anything at 3 o’clock in the morning.

2)  They represent New York, but they’re not from New York.

3)  They both win contests in Florida that don’t count because they’re played earlier than the season is supposed to begin. 

4)  A lot of people like them, but a lot of people hate them and want to throw things at them.

5)  They both have a good-looking, charismatic guy on the team who’s not perfect, and has been known to stick his foot in his mouth.

6)  They both wear a kind of uniform that you’re not likely to find anyone else wearing. 

7)  They both have no support and very little name recognition among people currently under the age of 30.

8)  The face they present to the world is kind of rigid, smiley, and possibly augmented by Botox.
 9)  Sometimes, if they can’t hit a pitch, they will accuse the opposing pitcher of scuffing the ball.

10)  They both want to be remembered as the Comeback Kid, even though they were ahead from the very beginning.

As a bonus, here’s one thing that Hillary Clinton and the 1986 Boston Red Sox have in common:

They’ve both gotten a lot of sympathy because of a situation someone couldn’t control between his legs. 



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