THE CURTAIN CALL CONTROVERSY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know, sometimes I feel as if I’m living in a lunatic asylum.

Was that a condescending remark?  Did I INSULT all Mets fans and even all Americans?  Don’t read the blog!

No, I mean it.  A presidential candidate makes a thoughtful observation in private about the fact that people, in hard economic times, tend to cling to their religion and the customs of their culture, and rather than trying to understand his perfectly plausible point, the media and his political opponents insist that what he actually did was INSULT religion itself and the whole working class and everything they do and believe.

Lest anyone think I am being politically partisan let me also make clear that I don’t think it is a big deal if a former First Lady, visiting what has recently been a war zone, exaggerates the degree to which she was in danger.  I’ll go further.  I don’t really think it is fair to suggest that the Republican nominee, in pointing out that an American military presence might be necessary for many decades in Iraq was actually suggesting that we should expect to be fighting a war in Iraq for 100 years.

The lunacy is everywhere now.  Any moderately complex or debatable statement or gesture made by a presidential candidate is immediately turned into an INSULT, a LIE, or an embarrassing GAFFE. 

Maybe this state of affairs makes sense in politics because political rivals are supposed to distort each other in order to get ahead of each other.  Networks and newspapers need to distort in order to keep everyone interested in the horse race that determines ad prices.

But couldn’t we possibly keep this crap out of baseball?  Isn’t baseball interesting enough?  I guess not.

Carlos Delgado finally breaks out of his slump and hits two home runs in one game.  This is a cause for celebration.  And so this complex and intelligent man gets back to the dugout, and even though the crowd wants a curtain call, he determines that the situation does not call for it.  He’s never been a big curtain call guy.  He points out that he’s only done it twice, one time when he hit 4 home runs in a game.  He carefully and respectfully explains his high standards for the gesture.  He points out that it was only a solo home run in the seventh inning, not a game winner, not a grand slam.  And he knows and we know that he’s still only hitting .205.  I agree with Steve Somers and Eddie Coleman that he should still have taken the curtain call.  By not taking it, he made not taking it the story of the day, rather than the two home runs.  Obama, Clinton, and McCain should have also avoided making the statements they made because look at all the trouble they have created for themselves.

But doesn’t Carlos Delgado have the right to make his decision, and to have his explanation taken seriously?  Do we really need to spend an entire day debating about whether Carlos Delgado INSULTED us, when there is nothing in the man’s character or past performance that would suggest that he would have wanted to INSULT us?

Will somebody please wake me up when this election and this baseball season is over?  I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

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