Take This Week

Nobody has a read on this season yet.  Do you want to try to see if you can get a read on a week of the season?  Consider this past week.  Last Tuesday, David Wright wins an exciting game for us in the eleventh with this wonderful, old-fashioned increasingly rare baseball thing called a clutch hit.  Then we get clobbered to the point of absurdity by one of the worst teams in baseball.  Our next game is a gem, a perfect-in-every-respect victory against what may be the best team in baseball.  The next day our relievers get jumped on and we suffer another double-digit loss.  The day after that, we pull out a close beautifully-pitched game with three runs in the ninth.  The next game is blown as Ollie Perez gives up a home run to everyone who wants one.

Remember how last year was so maddening because there would be a good stretch and then a bad stretch and then a good stretch and then a bad stretch, etc?  This year is like that too, except this year the stretches are nine innings long. 

Choose whatever tired metaphor you want:  see saw, roller coaster, Jekyll and Hyde, Abbott and Costello.  Personally I run out of metaphors when I look at the Mets.

I just look and I watch and I sit there and I don’t know.  I say that I’m just going to have fun.  And maybe I will.  I’m just not entirely sure at this point what I am supposed to be having fun about. 

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