Pictures, Words, and the Lack of Them

I went to a baseball game today (5/15/08) at Shea stadium.  I had a wonderful time with friends and I almost saw the Mets first no-hitter (seriously Pelfrey made me very happy and hopeful).  I’m not going to spoil my serenity right now by talking about the game.  I had unusually excellent seats and so I saw all the baserunning and a catch on the left field line from very close up.  I am not any better for this.  Readers of my blog have probably noticed that although I have been writing on my Mets blog, I am not saying very much about the 2008 Mets yet.  The truth is that there’s very little I have wanted to say.  I have not been happy, but I haven’t wanted to join everyone else jumping on the team.  So I have written about stuff like loyalty and life and what we love about being Mets fans.  I am beginning to run out of the nice stuff.  I am afraid I am going to have to vent soon about what I don’t like about being a New York Mets fan right now.  The season is almost one-quarter over.  But before I say anything, I want to wait to see what happens with the annual May madness of the first Yankees series.  Who knows? A gutty performance in that series might turn things around, as a no-hitter might have today, or a Wright clutch hit, or a Delgado home run. 

In the meantime, here are some pictures you can’t get anywhere else:

Gary, Keith, and Ron broadcasting from the “upper tank”

Mets literati:  From left to right, Greg Spira, Greg Prince, Me, and Matt Silverman.  More words about the Mets have been written by the people in this photograph than have been written by the people in any other photograph I’ve ever seen.

Mets Glitterati. 

I was in perfect position, and I was all set up to photograph the Mets dugout if the game had ended with something dramatic.  I have nothing to show you.  Let the pictures above amuse you. 

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