Honoring and Studying the History and Culture of the Mets

Readers of this blog might enjoy this interview I did yesterday with Mike Silva at New York Baseball Digest.  It was the lead-in to an interview with Jacob Kanarek, who is publishing a book called “From First to Worst” about the Mets in the Seventies.  Mike and I talked about the Mets in the Seventies, a depressing but interesting topic, and then we talked about the need for the Mets to pay more attention to their own history and fan culture, a topic which, I notice, is getting more and more attention on Mets blogs and forums. 

In my interview with Mike, I mention that I am, along with another Hofstra professor, submitting a proposal for a conference that will commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the New York Mets.  At this conference which will be hosted by Hofstra (pending approval, but the odds are good), we hope to bring together as many current and former Mets, executives, management, journalists, bloggers, fans, and students of the game as possible.  So, even if the Mets don’t start doing more to honor and study the history of the team, some of us can start doing our part.  I certainly hope that the promised museum of the Mets in Citifield will be worthy of the team and will be accessible to the fans. 

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