Now the Season Can Begin

After a year of flat and often foolish baseball, are we ready to get excited about the Mets again?

I am, because I’m so sick and tired of not being very excited.  I don’t follow baseball because it is boring and doesn’t involve my emotions.  Most other things are boring.  Baseball is supposed to be exciting.  I am supposed to enjoy it.  The Mets don’t have to win to make me happy.  They just have to engage my interest.  But during the past uninteresting year, I have even had moments where I’ve regretted having written a book about such stupid bullshit.

I can’t think of a moment better than this one for the Mets to break away from all of the sour disappointments and futile anger of the past thirteen months.   We have just taken three out of four from Philadelphia and we are about to play ten consecutive games against mediocre teams before we face Philly again, at home.  There’s every good reason to think that we will be able to win more than two games in a row.  We may even be able to win a few games where we don’t give up a lead or almost give up a lead of historic proportions.  We’ve gained five games on the Phillies in the last couple of weeks.  That’s only two games fewer than they gained on us last September.  We could easily be in first place by the end of the next Philly series.  And if the genuinely risible saga of A-Rod and his mind-controlling mystical girlfriend (control of A-Rod’s brain, imagine what that’s like! Imagine Madonna having control of anyone’s brain, especially if it is by means of an ancient mystical tradition that has been watered down to the point where it can be understood by Madonna and A-Rod!) ever settles down long enough, we may even be able to read about our team on the back pages of the tabloids.   

The Yankees are eight and a half out and we’re two and a half out.  I know that means that the Yankees are still more likely to win their division than we are, but it would be mean and depressing for them to do that.  No one who loves baseball could root for the Yankees to win their division this year.  Even Yankees fans shouldn’t want to beat Tampa Bay.  That would be like taking candy from a baby.  But we deserve to win this year after what happened last year.   Deserve?  A team like this?  With so many holes in their goddamn heads?  Yes, deserve.  We deserve to enjoy them.  They are not a particularly impressive baseball team.  But a very large number of them are now playing well.  We deserve to enjoy the pleasure of seeing them win. 

P.S.  If you are going to either Wednesday night’s game or Thursday’s day game and you have taken the 7 train or the LIRR and are walking down the subway staircase, look to your right.  There you will see me in front of my 2002 green Subaru, between two “Mets Fan” posters.  I will be sitting in a blue fold-up chair behind a little table with copies of my book.  If you want to get a signed copy of my book for one-third less than the price on Amazon, or if you just want to say “hi,” please come and say hello.  I will be very happy to meet you. 

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