A Confession

Okay, so the Mets won 10 in a row, in an extraordinary game.  They went into first.  Now they’ve lost two in a row, catching their breath, already causing some anxiety in a deliriously happy but understandably insecure fan base.  You know all this.  You watched or heard these games.  I haven’t.  I have not been in the right time zone.

You see this picture.  It’s me, yesterday.  That’s not Shea stadium behind me.  It’s the bullfighting arena in Pamplona, Spain.  And the bearded guy on the left is arguably the greatest writer about sports in history, Ernest Hemingway. 

What can I say?  I planned this trip long ago.  Even bloggers have lives.  I’m having a great time, by the way.  I am trying to keep up with what’s happening to the Mets.  That’s always been a fun thing to do when you travel.  It used to be that all you had was Armed Forces radio and the International Herald Tribune.  I still think of a square in Venice where I read that the Mets acquired Keith Hernandez as Keith Hernandez Square.  I remember my anguish at the age of 14 when I was travelling with my family and we kept losing reception of the Armed Forces Station (because of Alps or something) and they were announcing that the Mets had finally moved into first place.  There used to be something very cool about how little you could know about what was happening back home, how much you had to infer from each precious box score.  Well, it’s different now.  All you do is log onto the Internet.  You can even read all the articles and blogs.  This is wonderful, but there was something wonderful about the old days too.

Anyway, I will be back in the States on August 4, but I hope to do some blogging even while I’m away.  So, I’m not shutting down.  But regular readers of this blog should please understand that how much I blog will depend on Internet connections in Spanish paradors and French, Dutch, and Irish budget hotels.  It may also depend on the quality of local wine and the mood of a diehard Mets fan who is, well, on vacation.

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