The Way It’s Supposed to Be

In the popular imagination, you’re supposed to win pennants, not by a calculus of the pros and cons of your secondary players (see post below), but by means of big booming walk-off home runs by your star players.  Well, we just got one, and it salvaged what could have been a horrible loss.  Wright’s home run felt the way something like this should feel.  Wright will save us.  This is how we will win the pennant this year.  He will do it for us.  He will lead us. 

Then I heard Howie Rose say that this was David Wright’s home run first-ever walk-off home run.  Would you have thought that?  Wright hits plenty of home runs.  He has a reputation as a clutch hitter.  You probably had a sense that you had seen Wright hit one before.  But you didn’t.  It never happened.  In fact, a few minutes of web research will tell you that walk-off home runs do not happen very often at all.  Here’s a list I found, whose accuracy I can’t vouch for, of the all-time leaders in career walk-offs:

Jimmie Foxx……..12
Mickey Mantle……12
Stan Musial……..12
Frank Robinson…..12
Babe Ruth……….12
Tony Perez………11
Dick Allen………10
Harold Baines……10
Reggie Jackson…..10
Mike Schmidt…….10

Three is the record for a season, held by many.   

You can do it David. 

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