Come September

Do you remember when you didn’t really believe in them?

Do you remember how you’d put on a happy face and say that they could do it, but you knew inside that they wouldn’t?

Do you remember when you’d no longer laugh at talk of trading Jose Reyes, when part of you would thought that it might be worth getting rid of the headache?

Do you remember when you were so pissed at Carlos Delgado for burning out so soon, and just when we needed him the most?

Do you remember when you were even beginning to get bored with David Wright?

Do you remember when you thought that Mike Pelfrey was just another overhyped Mets prospect and you were wondering which of the guys traded instead of him was going to make it into the Hall of Fame?

Do you remember when it wasn’t any fun?

Do you remember being reconciled to the fact that you’d never hear 55,600 open throats at top volume again?

Do you remember when you thought you’d never feel the stadium bounce again?

Do you remember when you thought that old Shea was just going to die, stiffly, sadly, after some bitter final ceremonies?

Well how do you like this?

How do you like sweeping the Brewers in Milwaukee?

Shea is alive with the energy of something that is rallying in its final moments.  Shea is ready for it.  We are too.  It all comes down to one final month, with a fabulous team and a patchwork bullpen.

And we’ll get to hear what we can sound like, in this place, under this sky.

One last time.

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