Mets Farewell to Shea Was Perfect

Check out this wonderful article by Mark Herrmann in Newsday:  Mets’ Farewell to Shea was Perfect

He quotes me in it, but that’s not the only reason I’m recommending it.  It does justice to the Mets’ tribute to their own history, without any of the narrow-minded “Yeah, but they didn’t win” bile coming from a lot of other columnists and talk show hosts.  It’s worth a read.  It was supposed to be in the print edition of Newsday today, but it got bumped because of some follow-up stuff about Jerry Manuel’s contract.  As Mets fans know all too well, things don’t always go as you would hope they would. 

On another note, Hotfoot, a terrific Mets blog, is sponsoring a contest in which they are giving away a copy of my book to someone who gives them the best comment explaining why you are the ultimate Mets fan.  Just click on their link, scroll down to October 3 and enter your comment.  Just below the contest is a write-up of an interview with me.

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