The Opening of Citi Field

Tonight, the first Mets game will be played at Citi Field.  This will be the first home opener in years that I will not be able to attend.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend more than $250 for a ticket on StubHub and my life is such that a season ticket is not a good idea.  I will attend my first game at Citi Field on Wednesday, with my wife and daughter.   I bought Promenade Reserve tickets (Section 502, row 8, seats 15-17) for the very reasonable price of $23, directly from the Mets website.  Tonight I will be hunkering down in front of the TV.  I will be sorry not to be there, but I will be fascinated to see what is going to happen, what it is going to look like, what it is going to feel like.  Needless to say, I’ll share what I’m thinking and feeling.  This is a very big moment in many of our lives.

Just by the way, there is an interesting mention of my book on a website devoted to observing the state of the book industry.  Somebody on Facebook pointed out that Laura Axelrod, the woman who writes the site, was interested in knowing what people found interesting about baseball.  I tried to offer her an answer, and she was kind enough to listen.  By the way, if you’re a reader of this blog and you’re on Facebook, please feel free to “friend” me.



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