Trying to be Fair

I went to Citi Field last night and had the privilege of seeing the first Mets win in the new stadium.  I had a whole raft of confused impressions and I will have to take the time to organize them.  Today, because of a prior committment, I don’t have the time to write something that is going to be so detailed and complex.  But I’ll have a big post up very soon.  In general, I feel that I am going to eventually have to love this building because the Mets are a permanent part of my life and they are not going to build another one.  But I don’t love it yet.  I found a number of things to admire, and there are a number of things I am not crazy about.  It is too early to tell which of these I will be able to get used to and which will always just make me miss Shea.  But the total personal, aesthetic, psychological experience of watching a game at Citi Field seems to be different from the experience of a game at Shea.  I just have to see how things settle as the season wears on, as it gets warmer and as I get used to things, and everyone else gets used to things.  But we should neither be afraid to criticize nor be afraid to appreciate.  This is going to be a difficult process. Contrary to what you read in some places, Mets fans are not cry-babies and whiners. They are people who have cherished a certain experience in the past and have a right to expect an experience they can cherish in the future. Criticizing a state-of-the-art new stadium is not the same thing as stupidly boo-ing Oliver Perez for giving up a walk in the first inning of his second game of the season.

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