Going to the Game Tonight

I’ll be going to the game tonight (4/27), showing up to get into the stadium to see batting practice.  I want to see if I can reconstruct exactly the kind of experience I always used to have at Shea, from batting practice to getting onto the Whitestone Expressway at the end.  I want to see what is similar and what is different, what rituals and impressions can be restored and what can’t.  My seats, a very reasonable $15 face value, with an addition $10 added on for unnecessary bullshit charges, are in section 515, row 6, seat 4.  If you see me walking around with my notebook or if you come by my seat, I’d love to get your impressions.  So don’t hesitate to say hi. 

P.S.  One more thing.  I say this every year and I’ll say it again.  Please don’t vote for somebody on the All-Star ballot just because they’re a Met.  Vote for the guy who deserves it.  And please wait until enough of the season has passed so that you can tell who deserves it.  The All-Star game is such a joke when it’s elected by the fans goaded on by team campaigns.  And whenever anyone complains and suggests that we go back to the system where the players elected the teams, MLB says, “Oh No, the fan is king and we want the fans to be represented,” as if all they care about is our happiness. 


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