Calm Down

I don’t agree with anything anybody is saying. 

Well, I agree that the Mets have gotten off to a disappointing start and that we’ve just had two exceptionally unhappy end-of-the-year experiences.  I think that Jerry Manuel has made a number of bizarre managerial decisions this year and I don’t know why he has been making them, since he didn’t seem to make many bizarre decisions last year.

Certain players, most notably Perez and Wright of course, have been having difficulty finding their groove.  Hasn’t anyone ever seen an April before?  The year’s been bad so far, but if you look at every year, twenty-one games is not enough to tell you what is happening.  I’ll tell you this, though.  I am certain that the Mets are not going to finish 9th in the league in ERA, 8th in the league in runs scored, and 15th in the league in home runs.  It’s just not possible.

Glass jaws?  No grit?  Maybe, as Joe Benigno invariably opines, what they need is a good brawl?  I don’t believe in any of that shit.  This team has considerable strengths and some peculiar weaknesses.  They are good, but not that good.  They are better than last year with this bullpen, as long as we don’t freak the new guys out.  A couple of games switched in each of the past two seasons and the Mets could have been on their way to the World Series.  Despair is premature.  We are just spooked.  Big time. 

It should be a very interesting weekend.

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