Random Thoughts on a Rainy Evening

I wish the game hadn’t been rained out today.  I’m glad, of course, because of the benefits for the pitching rotation, but the rainout prevented the Phillies series from meaning anything.  Something like this makes you realize why there’s often a lot of emphasis on the rubber game of a series.  Why do they call it a rubber game?

I want Oliver Perez to go to the minors for a while.  I think he needs some time out of the spotlight.  I think a gracious acceptance of this would demonstrate to a lot of people that he’s more mature than he seems.  I’m sure he can get it back.  His talent always comes back.  I have no idea if he’ll ever develop into a consistent pitcher.  It’s certainly possible.  It’s okay if he goes on the DL, though I think it would be better for him to go to the minors.  I don’t want him to go to the pen.  Who wants Oliver Perez coming out of the pen?

All of the teams in the NL East have serious flaws.  Anything could happen, except Washington winning it.  Not only can we tell very little from April, we may not be able to tell anything much from the first three or four or even five months of the season.  But are Mets fans going to relax and just take it as it comes?  Nah. 

I am worried about Carlos Delgado’s hip. 

I think that the bumpy, awkward emergence of Daniel Murphy as an important player on the Mets is going to be one of the most interesting stories of the season.

I think that the other most interesting story of the season is going to be the emergence of the relatively complicated and only apparently uncomplicated David Wright as the team’s leader and guiding force.  I think everybody had better watch out for what happens when Wright emerges.  He’s going to be like Achilles. 

I think Jerry Manuel is doing strange things out of a part-conscious, part-unconscious desire to shake things up a little.

Although I didn’t actually enjoy the first month of the season, nothing has happened yet to make me feel as if I should revise my original prediction that the Mets would win the division, but that significant games would be played in the final week of the season.  When I look at the other teams in the division, I don’t see a team with more talent and I don’t share the belief of most Mets fans that there is something permanently deficient about this particular team’s spirit. 

I think the Mets will get it going.  And I think that the spirit of the team will be good, as it was in the summer of last year (remember?).  I think we would have ended up with a very successful season if Wagner and Maine hadn’t been lost at the end.  There is no spiritual deficiency going back to Adam Wainwright’s curve ball or Duaner Sanchez’s taxi ride.  That’s in our heads.  And to some degree in theirs.  The real challenge of this season will be to drive the phantoms out of their heads.  We’ll also have to build a ring of fire around the team so that the phantoms don’t come back in at the end of the season.  If we do this, their talent will do the job.  It’s mainly up to the Mets, of course, to get those phantoms out.  But we can help them.  Do I think we will help them?  No.  I wish we could.  But I don’t think we will. 

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