Dropping a Pop Up

They had lost two games that they could have won, because they were beaten by a team that played better.

They could hold their heads high.  I had no trouble with the way the Mets were playing.

They had come back three times against the Yankees.  They had beaten Rivera.  They had beaten A-Rod.  I loved the way he hit the ground with his bat as the ball went up into the air.  I felt so happy.  But looking at Castillo, I could see something was wrong.  He put his glove up with a kind of fear on his face.  He was in the right place.  But he was not going to catch that ball.  It was as if something was compelling him to not make the simplest of plays.  He didn’t make it and he didn’t even put his right hand up to his glove to keep the ball from spilling onto the field. 

I would rather they had clobbered us.  I would rather that A-Rod had hit a home run.  I would rather not have to remember that pop up forever and I hope and pray that I won’t have to.  But this is the way I think things will be this year.  If we lose it, if we don’t get where we want to go, it won’t be because we have been clobbered.  It won’t be because someone else has hit a home run.  If we lose, it will be because we have dropped a pop up.

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