Everybody Should Pause

Everybody should pause for a second and think about what they would have thought about the Mets if Castillo had caught the ball and the Mets had won that extraordinary game.

My point is that if you would have thought that, if the play had been made, then there is not enough of a reason for you to feel this, because the play was not made.  If the Mets are so close to that, they cannot be this.

I do think that Jerry Manuel should give vent to some of the disgust that the fans of the Mets are feeling.  I do think that any mental error, or even any egregious fielding or baserunning error, from this point forward, should be punished with contempt and a couple of days out of the line-up.  I do think the Mets need to be smacked upside the head.

But I don’t think that we should give up on them.  I don’t think there is rottenness.  The Mets are what they’ve been the last three years:  a good team right on the line.  There is more reason to be happy than unhappy with the way they are playing this year, given their calamities.  The season isn’t over.  And because we fans are bleeding from wounds too numerous to count at this point doesn’t mean we aren’t going to make it through.  Howl.  But pause. 

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