Last Night

Last night I went to the McCartney concert and felt as if I was struck by lightning.  I had no idea that a stadium concert could be so psychologically satisfying.  I have plans today and can’t blog until tomorrow, but I’ll have a nice long piece up.  I am also sorting through the latest comment from the Mets’ front office to the effect that Old Timer’s Day was too much trouble and not very profitable and was therefore discontinued in the early ’90s (what was profitable for the Mets in the early ’90s?).  A comment like that makes me feel as if I’ve been hit in the gut.  After the last few months, I am convinced that the Mets have to re-orient themselves and understand the significance of what they are in the lives of millions of people.   We have to get this message across.  I don’t think that the people in charge don’t care about us.  But I don’t think they’re thinking about us and what we feel as hard as they should.

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