Sorrow, Despair, and Defiance

Is the original title of this blog piece which I am not finished writing.  But I don’t have time to finish it because as soon as my wife and daughter get home I’m driving down to the city to have some fun tonight.  I’m getting together with any Mets fan who feels like it at Two Boots Tavern on the Lower East Side at 384 Grand St., between Norfolk and Suffolk for AMAZIN’ TUESDAY tonight at 7.  This is an event hosted by Greg and Jason of Faith and Fear in Flushing.  I’ll be reading from The Last Days of Shea and Greg, Jason, and Caryn (Metsgrrl) will be at the mike with me, as we prove that even if the Mets are right now the lousiest team in baseball, they undoubtedly have the most literate fan base. 

The very first copies of The Last Days of Shea arrived at my house UPS Overnight yesterday evening.  It is not yet available from online sources or bookstores but it will be available in the next few days (it can be pre-ordered at Amazon).  In the meantime, I’ll bring down some copies if anyone would like to have one ($12) signed by me with love. 

I will have to write about sorrow, despair, and defiance because that is the story of this season.  But right now, it’s time for pizza, beer, and the eccentric love of a remarkable community.  Please come down to Two Boots Tavern tonight.  I’d love to meet you.

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