Some Media Notes

1)  If you’d like to see me reading a few paragraphs from The Last Days of Shea in person, please check out this Youtube link produced by Hofstra’s Department of Public Relations.   If you’ve got more time, the Chappaqua Library did a video of me reading from Mets Fan.  You can see that here.

2)  If you’d like to meet me and other Mets “celebrity” authors in person, I will be attending the Amazin Tuesdays program at 7 pm on September 15 at Two Boots Tavern at 384 Grand St.

2)  If you are a night owl, you can listen to me on the morning of September 16 at some point after 1 am on the nationally syndicated Joey Reynolds show.  If you are not a night owl, you can listen later to the archived broadcast on this link.

3)  If you want to hear a detailed discussion of my book, please listen to Mike Silva’s New York Baseball Digest radio show and podcast at 6 pm on September 17.  Mike and I are going to have an hour-long “fireside” chat (without the fire) about the book.  Mike is a terrific interviewer and I am really looking forward to this.  You can listen to our chat, in real time or afterwards, here.

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