I’m not a contest person, but I have been inspired to have a contest.  Here’s the story:

At some point in the next few weeks, a lengthy article will appear in which my book, The Last Days of Shea, will be prominently featured and appreciated.    The article will appear in what is, without question, MY FAVORITE PUBLICATION.   I read this publication as soon as I get it.  I savor it.  It fills the basket on top of the toilet in our main bathroom.  I’ve been a subscriber to this publication for many many years, but otherwise I have no connection to it. 

Do you think you can guess where this article will appear?  Do you think you know what might be MY FAVORITE PUBLICATION?  You can have one guess, which you can leave as a comment on this post.  You may not guess any publication that someone else has already guessed.  I will reveal the identity of the publication only after the article is published.  No one who has ever gone to the bathroom in my house or who works for the publication may participate in this contest. 

The person who has made the correct guess will receive a free copy of my book, inscribed in any way he/she instructs, along with a copy of the publication in which the article appears. 

Excuse the self-indulgence of this, but this is a real Mike Myers moment for me.  Not only am I not worthy, I am totally verklempt.

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