Extension of the Holiday Offer

The holiday offer was so successful that I’m going to extend it.  Over 50 of you received personally inscribed copies of my books.  I enjoyed it because I got a chance to write extensive personal inscriptions to true blue and orange Mets fans and it really wasn’t a hassle to do the mailing.  So far none of the checks have bounced.

If you would like to have or to give an inscribed copy or copies of either Mets Fan, The Last Days of Shea, or both, please write me an e-mail at danaabrand@yahoo.com.  Tell me how many books you want, the name of the fan to whom the book should be inscribed, and tell me a little about their Mets fandom.  Also, tell me the address to which the book(s) should be sent.  I will send the personally inscribed books to you right away.  Every book will have a unique inscription.  Once I have sent the books, I will send you an e-mail indicating what you owe me and where you may send your personal check.  The cost is $15 per book (that’s a slight discount from bookstore price for The Last Days of Shea, and a significant discount for Mets Fan) plus postage.  The cost of postage is usually $2.75 (media mail) for an entire mailing of one  or two books and a little more for anything larger than two books. 

Please note:  I am about to go on a New Year’s trip to London with my family and so I won’t be mailing anything out until after January 5.   My blog, as you can tell, is on hiatus until the Mets do something worth blogging about.  Happy New Year to everyone!  Let’s hope against hope that this will be a year to remember.

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