George Steinbrenner and the Mets

I’m sitting in a free wi-fi zone at JFK airport right now, about to board a plane to Italy for a vacation with my family.  I’ll be back on August 1.  I’m in a wonderful mood except that driving down, the radio was full of “the top story of the day,” the death of George Steinbrenner.  I feel genuine sympathy for the Steinbrenner family.   I do wish that I hadn’t had to listen to so many quotes and tributes containing lines like ”good losers are losers” and “winning is everything” and this is what life is about and George Steinbrenner made so many of us proud to be New Yorkers.

The man had a major impact on the sport I love and it could be argued that George Steinbrenner had a significant impact on the fandom of all Mets fans.  I’ll blog about this when I get back but for the time being I’m glad I’m going away.  Little of what I have to say about Mr. Steinbrenner would be appropriate to say on the day after he died.   I will say that if George Steinbrenner had purchased the Mets in the 1970s instead of the Yankees and had conducted himself as an owner in the same exact ways, I would not have been a Mets fan.  I would have found something else to occupy my time.

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