Jumping Up and Down

R.A. Dickey is the man.  I love him to death.   A journeyman pitcher, never a real major-leaguer, emerging at the age of 35 by mastering the knuckleball, who could make this up?  And as articulate as anybody who’s ever played on the Mets.  As articulate as Ron Darling, as articulate as George Theodore.  A dream of a player.  And there’s the fact that he told a New York Times interviewer that if he hadn’t become a major league pitcher, he would have liked to have been an English professor.  How amazing is that?!  I’m an English professor and if I hadn’t become an English professor, I would have liked to have been a major league pitcher!  It’s like we’re living parallel lives.  I’m just being silly.  I am giddy.  I am so happy.

Dickey is the most amazing story in a season with several cool stories, a season in which I have felt at times as if I was the last reasonably happy fan of the New York Mets.  I dreamed he would pitch like this tonight.  

You know, it’s as if the Mets read all the stories in the papers today (which I’m sure they didn’t) and thought, hey you guys have your narrative and you’re going to town with it.   But it isn’t true.  And we will make it not true.  And you will have to find another narrative.  And we know that’s a lot of work for you, because reality is more complex than the narrative you’ve decided upon.  But do the work.  You want us to work hard.  You work hard too. 

When, Mets geeks, was the last time the New York Mets had four starting pitching performances in a row as good as the four they’ve just had?  Do we have to go back to Gooden, Darling, Fernandez, and Ojeda?  Or back to Seaver, Koosman, Gentry, and Ryan?  Santana, Pelfrey, Niese, and Dickey can hold their heads high in this historic company.   Can you imagine these four in the playoffs?

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