It Is Too a Market Where You Can Go Young

I can’t believe that Omar Minaya told USA Today that New York is “not a market where you can go young.  You have to bring in players.”

He’s wrong.  And if this is what he thinks, he should be out of here.

Nothing is more boring in baseball than seeing what you can squeeze out of some guy who’s spent his best years elsewhere.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing a young player develop.

Sure, the young player may not develop.  But there’s hope, something to dream about.  That’s more fun than hoping some guy on the way down can just hold it together for a little bit longer.

I’ll take an older guy every once in a while, for his character and leadership, like Pedro.  And I love older guys at the start of their real career, like R.A.

But give me a team of young guys.  Give me a system to develop them.  And give me a general manager committed to that,  a general manager who doesn’t underestimate the fan base.

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