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The Perfect Holiday Gift for a Mets Fan

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
We’re entering the holiday season, and while Christmas is when it usually is, Hanukkah is extremely early this year.  So I am now officially launching my holiday offer, which was extremely popular last year.
If you’d like to give very personally inscribed copies of either or both of my books to a Mets fan this holiday season, here’s what you need to do:
1)  E-mail me at  Tell me how many copies of which book you want (The Last Days of Shea or Mets Fan) and tell me the name of the person to whom you’d like me to inscribe the book(s).  If you’d like the inscription to be particularly personal, tell me a little about the fandom of the person to whom I am inscribing the book.  Also please give me the address to which I should send the book(s). 
2)  I will get the book(s) in the mail to you immediately.  I will also send you an e-mail telling you how much you owe me and where you can send the check.  The price for one book (either book) will be $17.50 including postage.   If you order more than one book, the price will be less than $17.50 per book, since I can mail several books in a single package.  Please note:  The last day I can accept orders and guarantee delivery by Christmas is December 20.   All orders are sent out on the day they are received, or the day after.  All should get to you within 2 days if you are in the Northeast.  If you are outside the Northeast, please adjust accordingly.
3)  As the people who responded to this offer last year can tell you, I write really good inscriptions.  I enjoy doing this.  These books are labors of love and it is a pleasure for me to share them.
Happy holidays to everyone in the Mets community!!