My Opening Day is Tomorrow

A regular reader e-mailed me to ask me when my annual Opening Day piece will appear.  Unfortunately, this year, for the first time in ten years, I wasn’t able to make it to the home opener because I was part of this terrific program up at Wesleyan, where I got a chance to hang out with Luis Tiant, and with two terrific sports documentary filmmakers, Jonathan Hock and Michael Zimbalist, who made these two fine films that everyone should know about: and

My personal home opener is tomorrow, Sunday, April 10.  I’ll be in a $70 seat I bought for considerably less than $70 in section 126, row 20, seat 21.   On Monday, I hope to share my impressions of what I hope will be a big crowd watching a good ballgame.   If you’re there too, I hope to see you, and I hope we both won’t be too conspicuous, sitting in seats, watching the ballgame.

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