You Can Believe

It would be too much to say that you’ve got to believe.

But it is no longer an absurd proposition.

I believe.  Wouldn’t it be something?  In this, of all years.

I know it was the Nationals and the Astros.  I know we now have to face more formidable teams.

But this is why I say I believe.  I neither know nor expect.  Faith is what it is.

But in this case we also have some empirical reason for faith.  We have what sure looks like a productive lineup, a reliable starting pitching staff, and reliable relievers.  

Wouldn’t it be great if the people who dumped on them in the press when they were 5-13 were to not merely say that the Mets have surprised them.   Wouldn’t it be great if they admitted that they were foolish to bury the Mets on the basis of one-tenth of the season, that they were craven and cynical, making a story that wasn’t a story because they had to try to sell newspapers?

That’s as likely to happen as Donald Trump is likely to admit that he was a cynical and stupid fool for trying to exploit the non-story of Obama’s birth certificate. 

We can’t expect much of them.

But maybe, friends, we can start to expect something from the Mets.


I have some readings at some local libraries coming up this spring.  I put on a pretty good show.  Please stop by and be sure to say hello. 

May 5, 7 pm:  Mineola Public Library, Mineola, NY

June 16, 7 pm, Tappan Public Library, Tappan, NY

June 21, 7 pm, Syosset Public Library, Syosset, NY

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